Kia ora!

Welcome to my site. I'm Steven. When I first learned about the Internet, around 1995, I quickly started to learn some HTML, mainly by studying the code from existing sites. Then I made my first site to experiment with that. Later CSS was added, and the experiment still goes on. PHP/MySQL, AJAX, typefaces, styling... I don't have a background in any of these, so I keep searching for a good solution. Let me know if you think it's any good, or needs improvement. Suggestions are always welcome.

Currently I'm doing a site makeover. The existing one has a fixed width of 800 pixels, so that even SVGA users wouldn't have to scroll horizontally. Nowadays even 1024x768 is low-end, so it's safe to widen my pages. I'm using the extra width for a sidebar, which my previous design didn't have. Too bad for smartphone surfers; I'm not going to make a mobile version of my site. Since I'm too pigheaded to use some kind of framework this means a lot of manual verifying, and there's an issue with cross-(sub)domain AJAX which I need a solution for.

I use Firefox and also verify my design for that. If you're using Internet Explorer (IE) as browser I would suggest you switch to a more mature one, like Firefox or Chrome. For a long time Microsoft was very obstinate when it came to its browser, thinking they were too big to have to comply with standards. All this is changing, and newer versions of Internet Explorer are more compliant to both HTML and CSS standards. Nevertheless I still encounter quirks in IE, and some functions common in other browsers don't work in IE. But in my experience IE is also slower than other browsers. Personally I prefer Firefox . I recommend IE users who don't want to change always to update to the most recent version.

You can check the most recent changes in the change log.

You can always leave me a message with questions, constructive criticism, to report errors on my pages, or just to say "hi".

Enjoy your visit.