School of Athens

About myself


I'm Steven. I'm an electronics design engineer with experience in microcontroller application design. I've worked in consumer audio and home electronics (aka domotics). Previously I've worked as a software developer, both for administrative applications and PC applications for alarm systems. You can find my full professional profile on LinkedIn .

Meredith Belbin has developed a set of team role profiles and a self-perception inventory. Results of my self-assessment tell that my preferred roles are plant and resource investigator. Plants are “innovators and inventors and can be highly creative”. Resource Investigators are “good communicators both inside and outside the organisation”. (For copyright reasons I can't publish more about these profiles here; please contact me for more information if you're interested.)

I'm being called a maverick, being “an unorthodox or independent-minded person” (OED). A description which also returns in Belbin's characterization of his Plant team role.

The picture above is one of my favorite paintings: it's the fresco “La Scuola di Atene” (“The School of Athens”) by Raphael. It represents Philosophy, following Reason, which is one of the greatest realizations of mankind. Unfortunately reason is not practised enough by a long shot. My belief in reason also implies that I'm not religious; religion relies on faith, which is the opposite of reason.

My native language is Dutch, and I speak English fluently. I also speak French and Italian, and am currently taking a course to improve my German.

I'm not active on Facebook or Twitter. If my friends want to know how/what I'm doing (my “status”) they have to call me and talk to me. It shouldn't come as a surprise then that I hate phubbing with a passion.

If you want to know what kind of things I'm interested in, I have some of them on this wishlist at Amazon.

I live in Belgium, near the Dutch border, at roughly 51°10' North and 4°08' East.