Matrimonio all'italiana
Still from “Matrimonio all'italiana”

I'm not really a moviegoer. Quite a few of my favorite films are rather old and are not often programmed in the theatre, except for some small alternative ones. (The films I own are on average 50 years old, The Gold Rush from 1925 being the oldest. 41% is in black-and-white.)

But there are other reasons I don't go to see a film in the theatre often. In the old days films were something special. Nowadays a film is just one of the thousands of visual media we absorb every day, and people seem to care less. The result is that going to a film has become a social event where adolescents install themselves with popcorn and soda, chatting with each other and others via their mobile phones, and the film is degraded to a mere background.

old films

So I watch films at home. I don't have a TV or recorder, but I have a PC. And a beamer. I get my DVDs at the local public library. And of course I have my own collection of films worth watching again and again.

A few of my favorite films

Avanti! (1972)

The apartment (1960, B/W, script)

Roman holiday (1953, B/W)

To be or not to be (1942, B/W)

How to steal a million (1966)

All about Eve (1950, B/W)

City lights (1931, B/W)

Harvey (1950, B/W)

Irma la douce (1963)

Il ladro di bambini (1992)

Le corniaud (1965)

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001)

La grande vadrouille (1966)

Una giornata particolare (1977)

Matrimonio all'italiana (1964)