Nice stuff

Part No. Manufacturer Description
SQ-SEN-200 SignalQuest Tilt & vibration sensor, ultra low power, omnidirectional
SQ-MIN-200 SignalQuest Tilt & vibration sensor, ultra low power, omnidirectional
SQ-SEN-390 SignalQuest Tilt sensor, zero power
SQ-SEN-6xx SignalQuest Tilt sensor, zero power
SQ-SEN-645B SignalQuest Tilt sensor, zero power
SE95 NXP Ultra high accuracy digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog (improved LM75)
PCT2075 NXP I2C-bus Fm+, 1 degree C accuracy, digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog (improved LM75)
PCT2202 NXP Ultra low power, 1.8 V, 1°C accuracy, digital temperature sensor with I2C-bus interface
DM160225 Microchip 3D Touchpad
SHTC1 Sensirion Low cost humidity and temperature sensor in 2mm x 2mm DFN, 1.8 V
VCNL3020 Vishay Fully integrated proximity sensor with infrared emitter, I2C interface, and interrupt function
ICS-40300 InvenSense High SPL analog microphone with extended low frequency response
MMA8452Q Freescale 3-axis, 12-bit/8-bit digital accelerometer, with interrupts
PMZ200UNE NXP 30 V, N-channel Trench MOSFET, tiny DFN1006-3 package
PHB110NQ06LT NXP N-channel TrenchMOS logic level FET, 75 A, 7 mΩ
PSMN022-30PL NXP N-channel 30 V, 22 mΩ logic level MOSFET
BSH105 NXP FET, 250 mΩ, 1 A, SOT23. This doesn't have the extremely low RDS(on) as the other ones, but at 100 mA (e.g. relay) it still drops only 25 mV.
BSH108 NXP FET, 140 mΩ, 1.9 A, SOT23. This is comparable to the BSH105, but has a lower RDS(on) of 140 mΩ, so at 1 A only 140 mV drop and 140 mW dissipation.
BUK9E8R5-40E NXP Logic level FET, 6.4 mΩ
PMV40UN2 NXP N-channel 30 V, 50 mΩ logic level MOSFET, SOT-23, low cost
PMDXB550UNE NXP 30 V, dual N-channel Trench MOSFET, Vgs(th) = 1 V
PSMN4R0-30YLD NXP N-channel 30 V, 4.0 mΩ logic level MOSFET
SSM3K15AFS Toshiba N-channel 30 V, 6 Ω logic level MOSFET, lowest cost, 100 mA max.
BSS138 NXP N-channel 60 V, 1 Ω logic level MOSFET. Only slightly more expensive than the best buy SSM3K15AFS, but can sink 360 mA instead of 100 mA
TC1410 Microchip 0.5A High-speed MOSFET driver
PBSS4240X NXP 40 V, 2 A NPN low VCEsat (BISS) transistor
BAT60A Infineon Low Vf Schottky diode, 120 mV at 10 mA
LSM115J Microsemi 1 A Ultra low Vf Schottky diode, 100 mV at 20 mA, 250 mV at 1 A
BAT86 NXP General purpose Schottky barrier rectifier, 200mA, 60V
PMEG6045ETP NXP High-temperature 60 V, 4.5 A Schottky barrier rectifier, 460mV @ 4.5A
PMEG2010BELD NXP 20 V, 1 A low VF MEGA Schottky barrier rectifier, SMD, Vf = 266 mV @ 100 mA
PNS40010ER NXP 400 V, 1 A high power density, standard switching time PN-rectifier (1N4001 in SMT)
BYC10-600 NXP Hyperfast (19 ns) recovery time diode
Opamps and comparators
MCP6541 Microchip Push-pull output sub-microamp comparators
MCP601 Microchip 2.7V to 6.0V single supply CMOS Op Amps
MCP6H01 Microchip 1.2 MHz, 16V Op Amp, Rail-to-rail output (15mV)
NCS333 On Semi Low power, zero-drift opamp
LPV521 TI (National) Nanopower opamp (400 nA)
LT1115 Linear Ultralow noise, low distortion audio opamp
MCP6N11 Microchip 500 kHz, 800 µA Instrumentation Amplifier
Voltage regulators and power devices
LT3042 Linear Technology High ripple-rejection (>115 dB @ 100 Hz) and low dropout voltage regulator. Output 0-15V, set with 1 resistor.
S-1132 Seiko High ripple-rejection and low dropout middle output current CMOS voltage regulator
S-1142 Seiko High-withstand voltage low current consumption low dropout CMOS voltage regulator LDO
S-1170 Seiko High ripple-rejection and low dropout high output current CMOS voltage regulator
LD6806 NXP Ultra low-dropout regulator, low noise, 200 mA
LD6815 NXP Low-dropout regulator, high PSRR, 150 mA
LD6836 NXP Ultra low dropout regulators, low noise, 300 mA, 0.76 x 0.76 mm package
MIC5205 Micrel Low-noise, very low dropout LDO
MCP1700 Microchip Low quiescent current LDO (max. 6 V)
LTC3620 Linear Ultralow Power 15mA Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
LTC3632 Linear High Efficiency, High Voltage 20mA Synchronous Step-Down Converter
DC6M4 NXP DC/DC converter micro size
ECE05 XPPower compact switching AC/DC converter, PCB mount
LTC3112 Linear 15V, 2.5A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
XC6210 Torex High current, high speed LDO regulators
LMZ21701 TI Simple Switcher Nano module
LTV815 LiteOn Optocoupler Darlington
PDV-P9203 API Photocell
SFH 4710 Osram IR LED 270 mW, 850 nm
GA1A12S202 Sharp Log-scale analog light sensor
PCF85263A NXP Real-time clock/calendar with alarm function, battery switch-over, time stamp input, and I2C-bus
MCP79410 Microchip RTC with 64 bytes RAM, 128 bytes EEPROM, 8 bytes Protected EEPROM, Calibration, and I2C-bus
MCP7940F Microchip RTC with 64 bytes RAM, Calibration, and I2C-bus. (Same as the MCP79410, but without the EEPROM)
AB18xx Abracon RTC (55 nA)
Si4703 Silicon Labs Single-chip FM radio receiver with RDS
ATSHA204A Atmel Crypto/authentication chip. (Sparkfun has had a breakout board for it.)
74AUP1T97 NXP Low-power configurable gate with voltage-level translator
74LVC1G17 NXP Single Schmitt trigger buffer
MCP2200 Microchip USB 2.0 to UART protocol converter with GPIO
MCP3221 Microchip Low power 12-Bit A/D converter with I2C interface
PCA9505 NXP 40-bit I2C-bus I/O port with RESET, OE and INT
PCA9507 NXP 2-wire serial bus extender for HDMI DDC I2C-bus and SMBus
PSSI2021SAY NXP Constant current source
MAX11167 Maxim 16-Bit, 500ksps/250ksps, ±5V SAR ADCs with Internal Reference, beyond the rails
TS3004 SiLabs 1.55V to 5.25V, 1.9μA, 3.3μs to 233s Silicon timer
NTSX2102 NXP Dual supply translating transceiver; open drain; auto direction sensing, 50 Mbps (e.g. I2C)
NX3P1108 NXP Logic controlled high-side power switch
MCP23017 Microchip 16-Bit I/O Expander with serial interface