Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell  is a website where (mainly) web programmers and designers post crazy stories about experiences with ditto clients. If you're a programmer or designer yourself living in the US you may have similar experiences and then you probably don't find them that funny, but really the stories are hilarious. Clients from hell are first of all incredibly cheap (even riskily cheap), and offensive at that. Next they're rude, arrogant, inconsiderate, self-deceptive, sexist, racist, dumb, uncanny, doltish, idiot, crazy, innumerate, naive, criminal, egoistic, obsessed with sex, evil, monstruous, asinine, overly demanding, extorting, sneaky, ignorant and clueless (and worse) morons, more often than not religinuts; it's hard to believe that most of them run a business. Well, the stories don't tell how long the businesses last. Anyway, if their stupidity is the standard for US business management then I think we found the reason for all economic recessions and other disasters in the last century.

Below is just one of the stories/quotations so that you know what I'm talking about.