God save our bareskin

Le Crazy Horse is a cabaret in Paris whose fame is on par with that other Paris icon, Le Moulin Rouge. This world-famous opening scene “God save our bareskin” is the trademark of the house and has opened every Le Crazy Horse show since 1989.

“God save our bareskin” at Le Crazy Horse cabaret, Paris, France

I found this impressive. It's no surprise that on YouTube iainwreid commented:

As a former Guards Depot Drill and Weapons Instructor at Pirbright I can tell you that their Drill would put some bloody Guardsmen to shame. Well done Girls!
As a matter of fact, the girls were drilled by a Guards drill instructor.

update 2017-05-15

I went on a citytrip to Paris last week, and we went to see the “Totally Crazy!” show at Le Crazy Horse. Unfortunately for this show the opening act “God save our bareskin” has been replaced by “Crazy Horse Paris, France”, in which the girls wear the same outfit, but which I found not nearly as good. I hope they bring “God save our bareskin” back!

Never change a winning team.