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I'll be frank: I'm a big supporter of CUSS, the “Campaign for UnShaved Snatch”. If you take offense at the word “snatch” it could also be called CUSP, the “Campaign for UnShaved Pudendum”, but CUSS is what it was baptized by Suzanne Reisman . While we're at the wording game, “pubes” is also a possibility. Apparently it's necessary to use these words here, because sometimes you hear completely wrong words. Is it some puritanism that doesn't allow you to talk about your pubes? In any case, on one occasion I read a comment on YouTube about “shaving your vagina”. Seriously. If I recall correctly it even came from a girl. And when you Google “shave your vagina” you get more than 250 000 hits. To everybody out there (male and female): the vagina is on the inside, and you don't have to shave it! (You would have some serious medical problems if you would have to.) Maybe some people could learn about female sexuality from Anne Frank's diary.


…there's nothing to see! (picture from

Anyway, why are we CUSS-ers against shaving? First, pubic hair is natural; it's not like an aberration which you correct by removing the hair. Saying you find pubic hair on a woman disgusting, like some men do, is saying you find natural women disgusting.
Second, it makes a woman's genitals less visible. Look at the close-up picture at the right: there's nothing to see! Just hair. It only adds to the mystery.
Third, pubic hair separates women from girls. No hair means “don't!”.

Natural woman → pubic hair
Porn model → no pubic hair


Which brings us to at least one reason why women shave: pornography. Porn is everything erotism is not. Erotism is subtle, porn is direct, and wants to show you everything. And then hair doesn't help. Like I said, pubic hair makes the genitals less visible, and porn producers want to show everything, labia, and whenever possible a clit. So porn actresses began to shave, and that's where some guys get their ideas, like Bernie , who launches a pathetic plea for women (he says “girls”) to shave. Suzanne replied here  to Bernie.



Another advantage of the unshaved snatch is so obvious we might overlook it: it doesn't need maintenance. Unlike our head hair pubic hair doesn't keep growing (even when it grows back after been shaved). But if you want to keep the lawn trimmed you have to mow it once a week. Freshly shaved pubes may be smooth, but after a couple of days they begin to look like a wasteland. Possibly in combination with a rash. Not a pretty sight, and I'm pretty much surprised that guys (conditioned by porn, Bernie?) prefer this view over a nice bush.

Stop deforestation!

It comes up in a number of comments to Bernie's call: as a man you don't dictate what your girlfriend should do with her pubic hair. I think Bernie will hear a lot of “no”s when he asks girls. On the other hand, of course there are women who like to shave, either because they like how it makes them look, or to please their partner. Either way it's the woman's choice, and men shouldn't whine about it.


Update 2016-08-18

In the context of the women's cycling events at the Olympics The Guardian published an article  which explains the benefits of pubic hair for female cyclists:

Pubic hair helps with the transport and evaporation of sweat away from the skin. It also provides some friction protection. Hair removal methods such as shaving, depilatory creams or epilation create damage to the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis and increase the risk of ingrowing hairs and hair follicle infections.